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Copia Magazine

Copia Magazine: Donate Cash

Everything's getting smaller, from our phones to our laptops. "Micro" is in, whether it's microwave technology in our tech gadgets, or micro-blogging on Twitter. So it's no surprise that savvy philant...

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Copia Magazine

Copia Magazine: Back to Nature

Some psychologists and counsellors are prescribing a long walk in the woods, a fishing trip, or a day's canoeing to combat stress, improve mood and boost self-esteem. Some have been doing it for years...

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Copia Magazine

Copia Magazine: Feature: Voluntourism

There's a new buzz word in the international travel industry - voluntourism. Broadly defined, it means any travel experience that includes some kind of volunteer work. It could be a weekend break clos...

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Copia Magazine

Surprising Ways To Be Happy

Stay healthy, spend time with friends, find a job you love. These are all
great ways to feel happy. Here are some more you may not have
Don't get too rich. We all look at all those supe...

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Copia Magazine

Copia Magazine: Feature: Flashpacking

I have a confession to make. When I went on my first backpacking trip, the internet hadn't been invented (before you write me off as a wizened old lady hobbling round on a walking frame I'd like to po...

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Copia Magazine

Copia Magazine: Act of Kindness

Today a random stranger paid me a random compliment. I was waiting for a ride outside my local mall and as he passed he said, "I like your hair." My hair wasn't looking great and the guy was significa...

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Copia Magazine

Buy Less, Do More - Break Even

"Money doesn't buy you happiness" must be one of the most repeated
and least believed epitaphs in the Western world, and, " It does if you
know how to spend it" must be the one of the most common

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Copia Magazine

Copia Magazine: Adventure: New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for a few different things - amazing scenery, unique wildlife, 40 million sheep. But if you take a leisurely drive through the country, guidebook in hand, one of the things you'l...